Vickys Summer photoshooting exclusively by Photis Sarras wearing the ”BULL FIGHT” for


Vicky Oikonomou, fashion blogger, stylist, marketing specialist and  the founder of the blog show as the new summer trends in boho look.

She loves boho style as her bohemian soul combined perfectly with dynamism and passion that distinguishes her in her business. That’s why she is so gorgeous with ”BULL FIGHT” hat from the boho collection Christina K.

Enjoy her…

16 years in magazines industry… 16 years of fashion and styling photos .. photos of people, places, products, business .. 16 years of party, fashion shows and more and countless .. 16 years in this job I accepted a proposal that I have never been before. My beloved friend and my favorite photographer, Fotis Sarras, suggested to me to take a photo!


As Vicky says…”Every woman should do this ..
A professional photoshooting, feeling special…. Because every woman with blue or black eyes, with big flesh or small lips with the right styling, hair and makeup can show off her personality, her own exclusive beauty … It suffices to have the right feeling. To love life … and of course HERSELF.